Tim from 90 Day Fiance: Is He Gay?

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“90 Day Fiance” is a reality TV show that follows couples who have applied for or received a K-1 visa, which allows them to bring their foreign partners to the United States. One of the most popular cast members of the show is Tim Malcolm, who appeared in the fourth season of “90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.”

Who is Tim Malcolm?

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Before joining the cast of “90 Day Fiance,” Tim Malcolm was a successful businessman who owned a custom gun holster company in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is also a model and runs his own modeling agency. Tim is known for his unique sense of style, which includes wearing fedoras and suits.

Tim’s Relationship on “90 Day Fiance”

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On the show, Tim Malcolm was in a relationship with Jeniffer Tarazona, a woman from Colombia. The couple met on a dating app, and Tim went to Colombia to meet Jeniffer in person. Despite some initial chemistry, the relationship between Tim and Jeniffer was rocky, with many arguments and misunderstandings.

Rumors About Tim’s Sexuality

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During his time on “90 Day Fiance,” rumors began to circulate that Tim Malcolm is gay. Some fans speculated that Tim’s close relationship with his best friend, Veronica Rodriguez, was actually a romantic relationship. Others pointed to Tim’s unique sense of style and his modeling career as evidence of his homosexuality.

Tim’s Response to the Gay Rumors

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Despite the rumors, Tim Malcolm has never publicly confirmed or denied his sexuality. In an interview with InTouch Weekly, Tim acknowledged the rumors but declined to comment further. “I’m not going to address it because it’s not an issue,” he said. “I’m not going to let someone else’s perception of me define who I am.”

The Impact of Tim’s Ambiguity

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While some fans have criticized Tim Malcolm for not being open about his sexuality, others have praised him for his confidence and self-assuredness. Many people believe that Tim’s ambiguity about his sexuality is a positive thing, as it allows him to be himself without being defined by a label or stereotype.


As of now, it is unclear whether Tim Malcolm is gay or straight. The rumors about his sexuality have not been confirmed or denied by Tim himself. However, regardless of his orientation, Tim Malcolm is a successful businessman and reality TV star who has gained a large following of fans who appreciate his unique sense of style and confidence.

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