Reagent Vendor in Dalaran: The Ultimate Guide

Reagent Vendor in Dalaran: The Ultimate GuideSource: bing.com

Reagents are essential items in World of Warcraft that allow players to craft spells, potions, and other magical items. Without them, players would be unable to progress and explore the game’s world fully. In Dalaran, the magical city floating above Northrend, players can find a plethora of reagent vendors selling various herbs, powders, and other components. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the reagent vendors in Dalaran and what they have to offer.

The Magus Commerce Exchange

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The Magus Commerce Exchange is one of the largest reagent vendors in Dalaran. Located in the center of the city, this vendor offers a wide variety of reagents, including herbs, powders, and enchanting materials. The Magus Commerce Exchange also sells items like vials, parchment, and ink for those who want to create their own spells and enchantments.

The Magus Commerce Exchange is also home to several enchanters who can enchant items for players. Enchanting is a skill that allows players to imbue their gear with magical properties, making them more powerful and effective in combat.

The Threads of Fate

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The Threads of Fate is another reagent vendor located in Dalaran. This vendor specializes in tailoring materials, including cloth, thread, and dyes. Tailoring is a profession in World of Warcraft that allows players to create their own clothing and bags. The Threads of Fate also sells patterns for tailors who want to create more advanced items.

Additionally, the Threads of Fate offers a variety of other items, including bolts of cloth, leatherworking materials, and various other crafting supplies. This vendor is a one-stop-shop for players looking to craft their own gear.

The Scribe’s Sacellum

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The Scribe’s Sacellum is a reagent vendor specializing in inscription materials. Inscription is a profession in World of Warcraft that allows players to create glyphs and other magical writings. The Scribe’s Sacellum offers a variety of materials for inscribers, including ink, parchment, and various herbs.

In addition to materials, the Scribe’s Sacellum also sells various glyph recipes, allowing players to create powerful spells and magical effects. Glyphs are an essential aspect of many players’ gameplay, so having a reliable vendor like the Scribe’s Sacellum is crucial.


Dalaran is a hub of magical activity in World of Warcraft, and the reagent vendors located there are an essential part of any player’s journey. Whether you’re a tailor, enchanter, or inscriptionist, there’s a vendor in Dalaran who can provide you with the materials you need to succeed. So next time you find yourself in the magical city, be sure to stop by one of these vendors and stock up on reagents.

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