Oh My Sunshine Night Episode 1: A Review

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Oh My Sunshine Night is a new drama series that has recently premiered on television. The show has gained a lot of attention due to its unique storyline and impressive cast. The first episode of the series has left viewers wanting more. In this article, we will review Oh My Sunshine Night Episode 1 and give our thoughts on the show.


The show follows the story of a young woman, Joo Eun, who has been blind since birth. Joo Eun is a talented musician who dreams of becoming a singer. However, her mother disapproves of her passion and wants her to focus on her studies. Joo Eun’s life takes a turn when she meets a famous musician, Yoon Jae, who offers to help her achieve her dreams.

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Main Characters

The show stars Kim So-hyun as Joo Eun, the blind protagonist of the series. Kim So-hyun’s acting is impressive and she does a great job of portraying Joo Eun’s struggles as a blind individual. Yoon Jae, the famous musician, is played by Lee Joon-hyuk. He brings a certain charm to his role and has great chemistry with Kim So-hyun on screen. The two are supported by a strong cast that includes Lee Sang-yeob, Shin Hyun-bin, and Lee Joo-yeon.


The first episode of Oh My Sunshine Night sets the stage for the rest of the series. It introduces us to Joo Eun and her family, who are struggling financially. Joo Eun’s mother is determined to see her daughter succeed in academics and disapproves of her passion for music. Joo Eun’s life changes when she meets Yoon Jae, who recognizes her talent and offers to help her pursue her dream of becoming a singer.

The episode ends with Joo Eun performing on stage for the first time. The scene is emotional and heartwarming, and leaves viewers eager to see what happens next.

Writing and Directing

The writing and directing of Oh My Sunshine Night is impressive. The show does a great job of balancing drama and humor, making it an enjoyable watch. The characters are well-written and their relationships are believable. The director does a great job of bringing out the emotions of the characters, particularly Joo Eun, who is blind.

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The soundtrack of Oh My Sunshine Night is a standout feature of the series. The music is beautiful and adds to the emotional scenes throughout the show. The show also features performances by the cast, particularly Kim So-hyun, who has a beautiful singing voice.


Oh My Sunshine Night Episode 1 is an impressive start to the series. The show has a unique premise and strong performances by the cast. The writing and directing are also noteworthy, and the soundtrack is a standout feature. We look forward to watching the rest of the series and seeing where the story takes us.

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