Magic the Gathering Devoid: Everything You Need to Know

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Magic the Gathering Devoid is one of the latest mechanics introduced in the world of Magic the Gathering. This mechanic was first introduced in the Battle for Zendikar set back in 2015. It has since become an integral part of the game and a favorite among players. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Magic the Gathering Devoid.

What is Magic the Gathering Devoid?

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Magic the Gathering Devoid is a keyword ability that was first introduced in the Battle for Zendikar set. This keyword appears on creatures and spells that have no color. In other words, “Devoid” is a keyword that indicates that a card is colorless. Creatures and spells with Devoid are treated as colorless, and they are not affected by any spells or abilities that target colored cards. This means that if a creature with Devoid is targeted by a spell that destroys a blue creature, the creature with Devoid will not be affected.

How Does Magic the Gathering Devoid Work?

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The Devoid keyword works by removing the color identity of the card. This means that the card has no color, and therefore cannot be targeted by any spells, abilities, or effects that target a specific color. For example, if you have a creature with Devoid in play, and your opponent tries to cast a spell that only affects blue creatures, the spell will not affect your Devoid creature.

What Makes Devoid So Powerful?

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Devoid is a powerful mechanic in Magic the Gathering because it allows players to bypass certain cards or abilities that would otherwise be difficult to deal with. For example, if your opponent has a creature in play that has protection from red, you would not be able to target it with any red spells or abilities. However, if you have a creature with Devoid in play, you can easily target the protected creature with your Devoid creature.

What Decks Use Devoid?

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Devoid is a popular mechanic among Eldrazi decks. Eldrazi creatures are colorless by nature, which makes them perfect for a Devoid strategy. Devoid cards can also be found in other decks that have a colorless theme or strategy.

What Are Some Popular Devoid Cards?

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Some of the most popular Devoid cards in Magic the Gathering include:

  • Reality Smasher
  • Thought-Knot Seer
  • Matter Reshaper
  • Eldrazi Mimic
  • Endbringer

How Do You Build a Devoid Deck?

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Building a Devoid deck requires a lot of colorless creatures and spells. Eldrazi creatures are a good place to start, as they are naturally colorless and often have the Devoid keyword. You can also include artifacts and other colorless spells to round out your deck. Some popular cards for a Devoid deck include:

  • Chalice of the Void
  • Walking Ballista
  • Wurmcoil Engine
  • Hangarback Walker
  • Ugin, the Spirit Dragon


Magic the Gathering Devoid is a powerful and popular mechanic in the world of Magic the Gathering. Whether you are building a Devoid deck or simply want to add some colorless creatures and spells to your existing deck, Devoid is a great keyword to keep in mind. With its ability to bypass color-specific cards and abilities, Devoid can give you a powerful advantage on the battlefield.

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