Did SZA Date Bill Nue?

Did SZA Date Bill Nue?Source: bing.com

For the longest time, there have been rumors circulating around the internet that the Grammy-nominated singer, SZA, and the musician, Bill Nue, were in a romantic relationship. But did they really date?

The Beginning of the Rumors

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The rumors first began to circulate in 2018 when SZA and Bill Nue were spotted together at a concert in New York. The two musicians were photographed sitting side by side, sparking rumors that they were dating.

SZA’s Relationship Status

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As for SZA’s relationship status, the singer has been notoriously private about her personal life. She has never confirmed or denied any of the rumors surrounding her love life, leaving fans to speculate.

Bill Nue’s Relationship Status

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Similarly, Bill Nue has also kept his personal life out of the public eye. The musician has never confirmed or denied any of the dating rumors.

The Collaborations

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Despite the dating rumors, SZA and Bill Nue have collaborated on several occasions. In 2017, SZA featured on Bill Nue’s track “Secrets” from his album, “Process.” In turn, Bill Nue produced SZA’s hit song, “Doves in the Wind,” which featured on her debut album, “Ctrl.”

The Social Media Interaction

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Another piece of evidence that fueled the dating rumors was SZA and Bill Nue’s interactions on social media. The two musicians have been known to like and comment on each other’s posts, leading fans to believe that they were in a relationship.

The Denial

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In an interview with Fader, SZA was asked about the dating rumors surrounding her and Bill Nue. The singer denied the rumors, stating that they were just friends and collaborators.


Did SZA Date Bill Nue?Source: bing.com

In conclusion, it seems that SZA and Bill Nue were never in a romantic relationship. While the two musicians have collaborated and interacted on social media, SZA has denied the dating rumors, and both artists have kept their personal lives private.

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