Murderous Lewellyns Candlelit Dinner

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Are you a fan of mystery novels? Then you will surely love the story of the murderous Lewellyns Candlelit Dinner. This tale revolves around a dinner party hosted by the wealthy and enigmatic Lewellyn family. The evening starts off as a pleasant affair, with guests enjoying a sumptuous meal by candlelight. However, things take a dark turn when one of the guests is found dead. As the night progresses, secrets are revealed, motives are questioned, and the killer is ultimately unmasked. Let’s delve deeper into the story of this unforgettable evening.

The Hosts

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The Lewellyn family was known for their extravagant parties and their vast wealth. They lived in a sprawling mansion on the outskirts of town, surrounded by acres of lush gardens and glistening fountains. It was no surprise that their dinner parties were the talk of the town, and invitations were highly coveted. The patriarch of the family, Malcolm Lewellyn, was a shrewd businessman who had made his fortune in the oil industry. His wife, Isabelle, was a striking beauty with a sharp tongue and a quick wit. Their children, Marcus and Miranda, were both in their early twenties and had inherited their parents’ flair for extravagance.

The Guests

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The guests of the Lewellyn’s dinner party were a motley crew of socialites, politicians, and business magnates. Among them were the mayor of the town, a famous actress, and a renowned author. Each guest was carefully chosen by the Lewellyns, and each had their own reasons for accepting the invitation. Some were there to network, while others were there to bask in the glow of the Lewellyn’s wealth and fame.

The Dinner

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The dinner itself was a lavish affair, with multiple courses served by the Lewellyn’s staff. The table was set with the finest china and crystal, and the candles cast a warm glow over the proceedings. As each course was served, the guests engaged in polite conversation, discussing the latest trends in fashion, politics, and literature. It was a picture-perfect evening, or so it seemed.

The Murder

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As the dinner drew to a close, the guests retired to the drawing room for coffee and liqueurs. It was then that the body of one of the guests, a prominent lawyer, was discovered in a nearby room. The guests were horrified, and the atmosphere quickly turned from one of conviviality to one of suspicion and fear. The police were called, and the investigation began.

The Investigation

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The investigation was led by Detective Inspector Jameson, a seasoned detective with a reputation for solving complex cases. As he questioned the guests, it became clear that each had their own secrets and motives. The actress was in debt and desperate for money, the author was jealous of the lawyer’s success, and the mayor was embroiled in a scandal that threatened to ruin his career. It was a tangled web of lies and deceit, and Jameson knew that he had his work cut out for him.

The Unmasking

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After several hours of questioning, Jameson finally unmasked the killer. It was none other than Marcus Lewellyn, the son of the hosts. Marcus had been in love with the lawyer’s wife for years, and had killed the lawyer in a fit of jealousy. He had hoped to pin the murder on one of the other guests, but his plan had ultimately failed. The guests were shocked, and the Lewellyns were devastated. Marcus was arrested, and the family’s reputation was ruined.

The Aftermath

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The aftermath of the Lewellyn’s dinner party was a somber affair. The guests left in a state of shock, and the family retreated into their mansion, shunning the outside world. Marcus was tried and convicted, and sentenced to life in prison. The Lewellyns’ fortunes dwindled, and their once-grand mansion fell into disrepair. The tale of the murderous Lewellyns Candlelit Dinner became the stuff of legend, a cautionary tale of greed, jealousy, and murder.


The story of the murderous Lewellyns Candlelit Dinner is a gripping tale of intrigue and betrayal. It is a reminder that even the most lavish and glamorous events can conceal dark secrets and hidden motives. As we delve deeper into the story, we are forced to confront our own assumptions and biases, and to question the true nature of human nature. So the next time you attend a dinner party, remember the tale of the Lewellyns, and keep your wits about you.

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