Bumps on Tomato Stem: Causes and Remedies

Bumps on Tomato Stem: Causes and RemediesSource: bing.com

Tomatoes are a favorite garden crop for many, but even the most experienced gardener can be puzzled by bumps on tomato stem. While some may consider it a harmless cosmetic issue, others may worry about it being a sign of a serious disease. In this article, we will explore the causes of bumps on tomato stem and how to remedy them.

What are the bumps on tomato stem?

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The bumps on tomato stem are often referred to as stem or fruit russeting. This condition is characterized by the appearance of corky patches or bumps on the stem, leaves, and fruit of the tomato. The bumps vary in color, from brown to black, and can be small or large in size.

Causes of bumps on tomato stem

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There are several factors that can cause bumps on tomato stem, including:

  • Temperature stress: Extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, can cause the plant to produce more ethylene, a hormone that can lead to russeting.
  • Pesticides: Tomatoes that have been exposed to certain pesticides may develop russeting.
  • Fungal infections: Some fungal infections, such as Botrytis cinerea, can cause russeting on tomato fruits.
  • Cultural practices: Over-fertilization, over-watering, and insufficient pruning can all contribute to the development of bumps on tomato stems.

How to remedy bumps on tomato stem

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The treatment for bumps on tomato stem will depend on the underlying cause. Here are some remedies that you can try:

Temperature stress

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If the bumps are caused by temperature stress, try to stabilize the temperature around the plant by providing shade during hot weather and using cloths or blankets to cover the plants during cold weather. Also, avoid sudden changes in temperature by gradually acclimating the plants to changing weather.


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If the bumps are caused by pesticides, stop using the pesticide and switch to organic alternatives. Also, make sure to read the label and follow the instructions carefully when using any pesticide.

Fungal infections

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If the bumps are caused by fungal infections, remove the infected parts of the plant and dispose of them properly to prevent the spread of the infection. Also, avoid watering the leaves and make sure to provide good air circulation around the plant.

Cultural practices

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If the bumps are caused by cultural practices, adjust your gardening practices by reducing the amount of fertilizer and water and by pruning the plant properly. Also, make sure to provide good drainage and avoid overcrowding the plants.


Bumps on tomato stem can be a cosmetic issue or a sign of a serious disease, depending on the underlying cause. By understanding the causes of bumps on tomato stem and applying the appropriate remedies, it is possible to prevent and treat this condition effectively. Happy gardening!

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