How Politics Poisoned the Evangelical Church

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The evangelical church in America has become a hotbed of political debate and division. What was once a place of worship and community has now been infiltrated by politics, turning it into a battleground for opposing views. This has caused many to question whether the church is still a safe haven for spiritual growth or has it become a tool for political power.

The Rise of the Religious Right

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The politicization of the evangelical church began in the 1970s with the rise of the Religious Right. This movement sought to merge conservative Christian values with conservative political ideology. Its leaders were successful in rallying evangelicals around issues like abortion, homosexuality, and school prayer.

By the 1980s, the Religious Right had become a powerful force in American politics. It was instrumental in the election of Ronald Reagan and the conservative takeover of Congress. However, the movement’s influence came at a cost to the church.

Divisions in the Church

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The politicization of the church created deep divisions among evangelicals. It led to debates over which political party was most aligned with Christian values and which policies were most in line with Biblical teachings. These debates often turned bitter and personal, with each side accusing the other of being un-Christian or hypocritical.

These divisions have caused many to leave the church or become disillusioned with it. Some have even accused the church of abandoning its spiritual mission in favor of political power.

The Trump Presidency

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The election of Donald Trump in 2016 brought the issue of politics in the church to a boiling point. Many prominent evangelicals were vocal supporters of Trump, despite his personal and moral failings. This caused a rift within the church, with some arguing that supporting Trump went against Christian values.

The Trump presidency also highlighted the hypocrisy of the Religious Right. Many of its leaders had spent decades preaching about the importance of character and morality, only to throw their support behind a man who had been accused of sexual assault and adultery.

The Future of the Evangelical Church

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The future of the evangelical church is uncertain. The politicization of the church has caused irreparable damage to its reputation and its mission. Many young people are turning away from organized religion altogether, seeing it as a tool for political power rather than a source of spiritual guidance.

However, there are still many within the church who are working to reclaim its spiritual mission. They are advocating for a return to the teachings of Jesus, which emphasize love, compassion, and social justice. They believe that the church can still be a force for good in the world if it focuses on these core values.


The politicization of the evangelical church has caused deep divisions and damaged its reputation. It has turned a place of worship into a battleground for political power. However, there is still hope for the church. By refocusing on its spiritual mission and core values, it can once again become a source of inspiration and guidance for believers.

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