Darren Till’s Last Fight: Aljaming vs Yan

Darren Till’s Last Fight: Aljaming vs YanSource: bing.com

Darren Till, one of the most promising fighters in the UFC, faced off against Aljamain Sterling and Petr Yan in two of his last fights. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these two matches and see how Till performed against these two tough opponents.

The Buildup

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Till’s fight against Sterling was scheduled for UFC 228, but he was forced to withdraw due to injury. However, the fight was rescheduled for UFC 244, and fans were eagerly anticipating the matchup between these two talented fighters. On the other hand, Till’s fight against Yan was one of the most anticipated fights of 2020, as Yan was the current UFC bantamweight champion, and Till was moving up from welterweight to take on the challenge.

The Fight Against Sterling

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When Till finally faced Sterling in the octagon, fans were expecting a fierce battle between two evenly matched opponents. However, the fight turned out to be a one-sided affair, with Sterling dominating Till from start to finish. Sterling’s wrestling proved to be too much for Till, who was unable to keep the fight standing for any significant length of time. Sterling eventually won the fight by submission in the second round, leaving Till to ponder what went wrong.

The Fight Against Yan

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Till’s next fight was against the current UFC bantamweight champion, Petr Yan. Although Till was moving up in weight, he was still considered a dangerous opponent for Yan. However, the fight turned out to be a very cautious affair, with both fighters unwilling to take too many risks. Yan was able to control the fight for most of the five rounds, using his superior grappling and takedown defense to keep Till at bay. While Till did have some moments of success, Yan was eventually declared the winner by unanimous decision.

The Aftermath

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After two losses in a row, Till was understandably disappointed with his performances. However, he remained optimistic about his future in the UFC and vowed to come back stronger than ever. Fans were still excited about the prospect of seeing Till fight again, and many were hoping to see him take on some of the other top contenders in his weight class.


Darren Till’s last two fights were tough matchups against two of the best fighters in the UFC. While he was unable to come out on top in either fight, he showed that he has the skills and determination to compete at the highest level. With his future in the UFC still looking bright, fans can look forward to seeing Till back in the octagon soon.

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