Nurullo Aliev vs Rafael Alves

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Nurullo Aliev and Rafael Alves are two professional mixed martial artists who recently competed against each other in a fight that ended in controversy. The fight took place on January 22, 2021, at a UAE Warriors event in Abu Dhabi. This article will discuss the events leading up to the fight, the fight itself, and the aftermath.

Nurullo Aliev

Nurullo AlievSource: bing.com

Nurullo Aliev is a 30-year-old mixed martial artist from Tajikistan. He has a professional record of 14 wins, 3 losses, and 1 draw. Aliev is a specialist in wrestling and grappling, and has won several championships in these disciplines.

Rafael Alves

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Rafael Alves is a 31-year-old mixed martial artist from Brazil. He has a professional record of 19 wins and 10 losses. Alves is known for his striking ability, and has won several fights by knockout.

The Buildup to the Fight

The matchup between Nurullo Aliev and Rafael Alves was announced several weeks before the fight. Both fighters were looking to make a name for themselves in the sport and were eager to prove their skills. Alves was coming off a win in his last fight, while Aliev had not fought in over a year.

The Fight

The fight between Aliev and Alves began as expected, with Aliev looking to take the fight to the ground and Alves looking to keep it standing. Alves landed some good strikes early on, but Aliev was eventually able to take him down. From there, Aliev was able to control the fight on the ground, landing strikes and looking for submissions.

Midway through the second round, Aliev landed an illegal knee to the head of Alves while he was still grounded. The referee stopped the fight and gave Alves time to recover. However, Alves was unable to continue, and the fight was declared a no contest.

The Aftermath

The ending of the fight was controversial, and many fans and fighters were left frustrated. Alves was clearly hurt by the illegal knee, but some felt that he was exaggerating his injury to get out of the fight. Others felt that Aliev should have been disqualified for the illegal move.

After the fight, Aliev issued an apology to Alves and the fans. He stated that he did not mean to land the illegal knee and that he was simply caught up in the moment. Alves also spoke out, saying that he was disappointed by the ending but that he was not faking his injury.


The fight between Nurullo Aliev and Rafael Alves was marred by controversy, but both fighters showed their skills in the cage. It remains to be seen what will happen next for these two competitors, but fans are eager to see them back in action soon.

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