KFC Barstool Net Worth: The Rise of a Chicken Empire

KFC Barstool Net Worth: The Rise of a Chicken EmpireSource: bing.com

Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC, is one of the most recognized fast-food chains in the world. Founded in 1930 by Harland Sanders, better known as Colonel Sanders, KFC has grown from a small roadside restaurant to a global brand with thousands of locations in over 100 countries. In recent years, KFC has partnered with Barstool Sports, a popular sports and pop culture media company, to further expand their reach and influence. But what is the KFC Barstool net worth, and how did this partnership come to be?

The History of KFC

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Harland Sanders started his fried chicken business in Corbin, Kentucky, selling his famous recipe to travelers passing through. He later franchised his business, and by the 1960s, KFC had become a household name thanks to its catchy advertising slogans and the ubiquitous image of Colonel Sanders. Despite some setbacks and controversies over the years, KFC remains a popular fast-food option for millions of people around the world.

The Partnership with Barstool Sports

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Barstool Sports was founded in 2003 as a sports gambling newspaper before shifting to a digital platform. Today, Barstool is known for its blogs, podcasts, and social media presence, with a focus on sports, pop culture, and current events. KFC and Barstool Sports first partnered in 2015, when KFC sponsored a weekly segment on Barstool’s SiriusXM radio show. This partnership continued to grow over the years, with KFC becoming an official sponsor of Barstool Sports in 2017.

KFC Barstool Net Worth

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The exact net worth of the KFC Barstool partnership is difficult to determine, as both companies are privately owned and do not disclose financial information. However, it’s clear that this collaboration has been a mutually beneficial one. KFC has gained exposure to Barstool’s large and loyal fanbase, while Barstool has been able to expand into the food and beverage space through KFC. In 2018, KFC and Barstool Sports even launched a limited edition clothing line, featuring KFC-themed apparel with Barstool Sports’ branding.

The Future of KFC Barstool

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As KFC and Barstool Sports continue to work together, it’s likely that we’ll see more collaborations and joint ventures in the future. KFC has already announced plans to sponsor Barstool Sports’ flagship podcast, “Pardon My Take,” and to create more limited edition merchandise with Barstool’s branding. Barstool, meanwhile, has recently launched its own pizza reviews series, which could potentially lead to a partnership with KFC’s sister brand, Pizza Hut.


The KFC Barstool partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration and brand synergy. By teaming up, these two companies have been able to reach new audiences and expand their respective businesses. While the exact net worth of this partnership may be difficult to quantify, it’s clear that KFC and Barstool Sports have found a winning formula. Who knows what the future holds for KFC Barstool, but one thing is for sure – this is one partnership that’s here to stay.

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