Una Película de Huevos: Where to Watch

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Una Película de Huevos, which translates to “A Movie About Eggs,” is a Mexican animated film that was released in 2006. The film follows the adventure of a group of eggs who are trying to avoid being cooked and eaten. The movie was a hit in Mexico and Latin America, and it has since gained a cult following worldwide.


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The film takes place at a farm where the eggs live in a chicken coop. One day, Toto, the bravest of the eggs, learns that he and his friends are going to be cooked and eaten for breakfast. The eggs then decide to escape from the farm and embark on a dangerous journey to reach Egg Town, a place where eggs can live freely without the fear of being eaten.

On their journey, the eggs encounter various obstacles and enemies, including a group of evil eggs who work for the chef and a hungry snake who wants to eat them. However, the eggs also make new friends, including a singing rooster and a friendly pig.

In the end, the eggs reach Egg Town and live happily ever after.

Cast and Characters

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The film features a cast of voice actors who bring the eggs and other characters to life. Some of the main characters include:

  • Toto, the brave and determined egg who leads the escape
  • Willy, a shy egg who is afraid of everything
  • Biba, a female egg who is in love with Toto
  • Ponch, a tough and streetwise egg
  • Piojo, a small and clever egg

Where to Watch

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If you want to watch Una Película de Huevos, there are a few options available. The movie is not currently available on any major streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, but you can still purchase the DVD or rent it from online retailers like Amazon. You can also check your local video store or library to see if they have a copy available.

Another option is to look for the movie on YouTube, where it is available for free with Spanish audio and English subtitles. However, the quality of the video may not be as good as the DVD version.


Una Película de Huevos is a fun and entertaining movie that is perfect for kids and adults alike. Its unique premise and charming characters have made it a fan favorite around the world. While it may not be available on popular streaming services, it is still worth checking out through other means like DVD rental or YouTube.

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